Managed IT Security

XPERTECHS’ industry-leading internal security alerting solution takes into account your custom security policies and intelligently identifies suspicious anomalies, changes, and threats. In addition, our powerful analysis engine examines multiple data points and notifies you directly of security issues caused by unusual user behavior and network misconfigurations.

Visibility of security alerts, response, and remediation activities is provided at all levels of operation. XPERTECHS provides pre-built policies and subscribes to the NIST Framework for implementation of security services. XPERTECHS works with third-party security tools and services to provide vulnerability scanning, monitoring, and detection capabilities in addition to the XperCARE standards. These comprehensive solutions deliver robust security controls and actionable intelligence — meeting and exceed industry standards.

Security-as-a-Service Plan Matrix




Authorize New Devices to be Added to Restricted Networks
Install Critical Patches on Network Computers within 30 Days
Only Connect to Authorized Wireless Networks
Strictly Control the Addition of Printers
Restrict Access to Accounting Computers to Authorized Users
Restrict Access to IT Admin Only Restricted Computers to IT Administrators
Restrict Access to Business Owner Computers to Authorized Users
Restrict IT Administrative Access to Minimum Necessary
Restrict Users that are Not Authorized to Log into Multiple Computer Systems
Strictly Control the Addition of New Local Computer Administrators
Strictly Control the Addition of New Users to the Domain
Users Should Only Access Authorized Systems
Changes on Locked Down Computers should be Strictly Controlled
Install Critical Patches for DMZ Computers within 30 Days
Investigate Suspicious Logons by Users
Investigate Suspicious Logons to Computers
Remediate High Severity Internal Vulnerabilities Immediately (CVSS > 7.0)
Restrict Internet Access for PCs Not Authorized to Access the Internet Directly
Detect Network Changes to Internal Networks
Detect Network Changes to Internal Wireless Networks
Strictly Control the Clearing of System and Audit Logs
Strictly Control the Removal of Users from the Domain
Enable Automatic Screen Lock on Computers with Sensitive Information
Enable Automatic Screen Lock for Users with Access to Sensitive Information
Strictly Control DNS on Locked Down Networks
Strictly Control Changes to Group Policy
Strictly Control Changes to the Default Domain Policy
Strictly Control the Creation of New User Profiles

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