Success Stories

Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS Switched to XPERTECHS Just in Time for the Remote Work Exodus

When Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS decided to change IT support companies, they had no idea how much this decision would affect their ability to continue business operations in the coming weeks. Their first day of onboarding with XPERTECHS was on March 1st, 2020 and at that time, no one had any idea that the country would soon be submerged in a public health crisis that would force the company to send all their employees home to work. Fortunately for them, the work that XPERTECHS started on day one set them up for a smooth transition to remote work that could otherwise have been a very rocky road.

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The Baltimore Orioles – Migration to Microsoft Office 365

The Orioles, Baltimore’s Major League Baseball Team, have been privy to a multitude of changes in the lengthy stretch of their existence. Overcoming many obstacles, the team made a comeback in recent years, and managed to win the American League East Division in 2014. The same season they made it to the American League Champion-ship Series. With an aging Exchanging server, the Orioles’ IT Team knew they needed to carry the same success they’ve had on the field winning games, to off the field with their technology.

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