Clearing The Vendor Management “Fog”

One of the biggest complaints we hear from potential customers is the hassle of vendor management. Specifically, technology vendors. As a business, you have a vendor for internet and phones; possibly one for your printers and copiers; and maybe another one for your third-party line-of-business apps.

Microsoft Teams – What You Need To Know

Microsoft Teams is a new application that helps people, conversations and content come together so they can easily collaborate to achieve more. It easily integrates with Office applications and is built on the Office 365 cloud.

With Microsoft Teams, Microsoft created a more open, digital environment that makes work integrated, accessible and integrated – across the team – so everyone can stay in the know.

News: XPERTECHS Negotiates New WAN & VoIP Agreement On Behalf of The Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos

XPERTECHS recently assisted long-time customer, The Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos (Law PGA) in negotiating a new WAN and VoIP agreement with Fusion. The new WAN and VoIP infrastructure will replace an aging NBX system that had reached end-of-life.

The Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos realized it was time to upgrade their current system and reached out to XPERTECHS to act as their vCIO during the entire process.

OneDrive for Business in “One Minute”

OneDrive for Business is an integral part of Office 365, and provides a place in the cloud where you can store, share, and sync your files. This short overview covers the basics. Keep in mind that each user is allocated 1 TB of storage, and all files are private by default until shared.

Free decryption tools fight ransomware

Similar to the shakedowns you see in mob movies where innocent shop owners are forced to pay “protection money,” deploying ransomware is a means of extortion. Computer hackers install it on your network to seize control of your company’s precious confidential data, then demand payment for its safe return.

How HaaS will benefit your business

Hardware maintenance and upgrades can consume a big sum of your business’ time and money. But with Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS), a solution in which you pay a Managed Services Provider a subscription fee and let them take care of all your hardware-related issues, including upgrades, maintenance, and management, you can be sure of your hardware functionality […]

Firefox’s 8 hidden function upgrades

Warriors preparing for battle need to ensure they are armed with the best weapons and the strongest armor. The same can be said for businesses today. This means that web browsers that can house multiple windows just don’t cut it anymore; the ideal candidate makes the most out of your precious time instead of wasting […]

5 ways to make tech trends work for you

What tech fads has your SMB recently written off as silly and not worth your time? 3D printing, internet of things…Pokémon GO? Juvenile as they may seem at first, these trends helped to make a lot of businesses a lot of money. Navigating the quickly rising and falling auspices of the tech world may seem […]

New Outlook add-on comes to the rescue

A good business owner needs to occasionally put themselves into their employee’s shoes to get a better picture. Imagine you are a sales representative, most of your working time is split between email inbox and CRM software. All that jumping around between the two is going to become very problematic.