Important Alert: The FDIC “Misunderstanding” That Business Owners Need To Know About

Here’s an important question about your finances with a shocking answer: If a cyber-criminal were to gain access to your company’s bank  account and steal all of the money in it, could you get it back? In many cases, the answer is no.

Many small business owners falsely believe they are protected by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) laws and that the bank (or Federal government) would replace money stolen by a thief.

Managed Services Providers: Who To Choose?

“All I want is technology and IT Support that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.” Have you ever thought things like this?

Managed services in Maryland from XPERTECHS is the resolution you’ve been looking for, with flat-rate services that mean predictable budgeting for your business in Baltimore, Annapolis and Columbia.

Outsourcing IT: But Why?

We hear it often. “Why can’t I get IT Support that won’t totally wreck my budget?”

Fortunately, for us here at XPERTECHS, this is becoming a real concern in today’s marketplace.
With the advent of modern technology, many companies have created or are looking to create an IT support department.

A Note From Michael…

This month I would like to focus on our new Webinar series that we had been planning for months. We have already created and recorded three webinars and wish to thank those many participants who have provided good critiques for our next series. Several of our Webinars are already recorded and available on our website at www.

XPERTECHS Partners With PingTone To Offer VoIP Solutions

With growing buzz over “The Cloud” permeating the business world, one is left to wonder which IT services organizations should consider moving to a hosted platform. What services can successfully leverage the power of cloud computing without compromising the quality of service and security typically associated with on premise systems?

Telecommunications is an excellent place to start.

The Most Shocking Security Threat To Your Small Business

Hopefully by now you realize you need to keep a close watch over the security of your PC and other devices (or you’re smart enough to hire us to do it for you). Either way, cybercrime is BIG business, and small business owners are seen as the low hanging fruit by attackers who are looking for easy-to-steal financial data, passwords and the like.

How Much Does A Server Cost?

Businesses price out a server and associated storage cost at a median of just over $1500, so we’ll use $1600 as our base cost. On the average, the same businesses will assign the server a useful life of four years, so the per-year cost is $400, assuming straight-line depreciation.

XPERTECHS Cloud Solutions Bring Power Of Cloud Computing To Clients

After Beta testing for several months, XPERTECHS has on-boarded clients; RBS, Inc., a facilities support services company, and CBO Financial Services, into a full cloud production mode.

Instead of building and maintaining expensive IT systems on premise, they will now simply plug into whatever IT resources they need, and only have to pay for what they use on a monthly basis.

“April Showers Bring May FLOODS!”

Does your Business Have a Reliable Business Continuity Plan?

If you think “data backup” is the same as “disaster recovery” and aren’t sure what “business continuity” means, you’re not alone.

If you are concerned about backing up your company’s data and you want to be absolutely certain you could be back up and running fast in event of a disaster, then this could be one of the most important assessments you do.

A Note From Chris…

My name is Chris Freeman and I am the new Marketing Manager at XPERTECHS. I’m really looking forward to getting my “hands dirty,” expanding our marketing efforts, and getting a chance to meet some of you!

One of my main goals is to generate more leads and grab the interest of potential new customers.