What to Do if You Fall For a Phishing Scam

Cybercriminals are opportunist predators and right now they are exploiting fears and concerns about COVID-19 in order to get people to click on links, open attachments, or give away confidential information in response to a message that is delivered in an email.

4-Point Security Analysis for Your Remote Workforce

Unless you already had a remote workforce before the COVID-19 pandemic, the way you set up your employees to work from home may have inadvertently exposed your company to security risks. While some risks emerged because your people are not working inside your corporate perimeter anymore, other risks have always been there, but their importance has increased.

Time to Control Your Domain Neighborhood

An accounting clerk gets an email from the CEO of his company. He thinks it’s a little strange, but he proceeds to follow the instructions in the email to purchase several gift cards and reply back with the gift card ID numbers. When the clerk goes to the CEO a day later to ask about getting reimbursed for the gift cards, the CEO says, “What gift cards?” 

If only the clerk had looked a little closer at the email address.

Are Your Phone Communications Clumsy or Coordinated?

What score would you give your organization if your ability to quickly get your employees set up to work from home was a test of your corporate flexibility? Was the process seamless? Clumsy? Something in between? Part of your decision in giving yourself high marks or a failing grade has to do with how you transitioned your communications.

Five Ways XPERTECHS’ Sales Team Saves Time with Microsoft 365

We couldn’t think of a better way to illustrate how Microsoft 365 and the Teams app can change the way that you communicate and collaborate, than to tell you how it’s changed the way we work here at XPERTECHS. As technology professionals, we’re pretty good at creating processes to make business operations efficient, but when our Sales team started using the Teams app, we discovered that we could take our productivity up to a whole new level.

An Update from our President to our Clients

To our valued clients:
I know that you have probably been receiving many messages like this, but as a valued customer who uses our services every single day, I want you to know how we're committed to keeping your IT services running smoothly during these challenging times.

HP Business PC & Print Devices Cleaning Guidance

XPERTECHS and HP are dedicated to providing customers with market-leading business solutions that help them be innovative, productive and support their well-being. With public health concerns over the COVID-19 disease, also known as Coronavirus, spreading worldwide, we want customers to have the information they need to effectively clean their devices and to assist customers in maintaining a healthy work environment.

Can You Afford the Cost of Neglecting Cybersecurity?

Just for a moment, imagine what downtime would look like at your business. By downtime, we mean your computers and everything connected to them are nonoperational. If your organization runs on technology, then that means no one is working. Does that give you a bit of a panic attack? It should, because downtime is a real possibility if you’re neglecting network security and you should be asking yourself if you’re willing – or able – to pay the cost of a cyber attack.